The Length Of Time Weed Stays In Your System


This is a very common question especially for people who are going in for a job interview. Employers always want to know your history of drug use and will therefore need to do a drug test before you get the job. You might be very qualified for the job but if you don’t pass the drug test, you might lose that once it a lifetime chance. You need not fret because you can easily know how long the drug will be in your system. The amount of time weed stays in your system will depend on the type of test you are taking and the frequency of your drug use. Visit this site to get started.

The most common type of drug test is the urine test. This owing to the fact that it is very efficient and also quite cheap. Weed will stay in your urine longer and can easily be found. This is what employers prefer because they can easily know what your history of drug use is. The thing is, if you are a regular user of weed, it will be found very easily. For an occasional user, they can get away with it because you can get it out of your system if you work hard at it.

Another test that is done but not so popular today is the saliva test. With this test, you can only detect weed that is used in the last 24 hours. While this works for road checks, it will not do well for employers who want to get the history of use. The saliva test is not very efficient because it is able to detect only a little. Hair tests are not very popular because they cannot test current use of the drug. It takes up to a week for weed to be present in your hair. Click here to find out more.

There is the issue of blood test which is an effective method of detecting the period at which cannabis sativa dwells in one’s body. Blood test is usually done on two types of people. There is the group that has taken weed only for a short period of time. There is also the group of heavy consumers. It is obvious that from the two that we cannot expect equal amount of time for marijuana detection. For the individuals that have consumed little or less weed, it usually takes around twenty four hours for weed to be detected. And them that are heavy consumers, it takes a timespan of approximately two to seven days.

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